Do You Have a Reactive or Proactive Maintenance Strategy?

proactive maintenance

Far too often, key equipment runs the risk of breakdown due to slim maintenance budgets that pursue a reactionary approach to maintenance. When this happens, maintenance departments are constantly playing a costly game of catch-up, trying to perform quick fixes after the fact. But it also causes a significant kink in maintaining full machine uptime, pushing necessary maintenance overhauls further down the line, whether those constitute repair or part replacement. Proactive maintenance, unlike its reactive counterpart, helps prevent downtime, minimize the degree of part replacement needed, and drives down costs over time.

Planned Plant Shutdowns: The Need for Additional Assistance

Planned plant shutdowns are a necessary industry practice. But even the most well-planned shutdown can come with problems and setbacks. This is especially true if in-house staff is ill-equipped to handle all that it entails.

Challenges aren’t unfamiliar territory when it comes to planned downtime. Oftentimes, these challenges require advanced troubleshooting that may not be easily addressed by current staffing. Properly equipped third party mechanical contractors can help take care of challenges that plant staff simply can’t. Contractors of this kind offer quick responses to help you maneuver out of downtime interruptions that lead to production drops and associated costs.

Some instances of downtime, whether planned or unplanned, necessitate the use of overtime to keep up with production. Third party mechanical contractors take out much of the headache associated with payroll, staffing, and benefits. These contractors’ workforce flexibility also helps alleviate staffing concerns from the plant’s plate. All this frees facility managers to more fully concentrate on production.

Proactive Maintenance is Assistance Even After the Fact

Modern day technology has a level of sophistication that requires exact expertise. Forming a partnership with a third party mechanical contractor pays dividends in proactive maintenance, production, and profits. Contractors carry the know-how, and specialized toolkit, to see the job through correctly from start to finish.

The use of third party contractors is gaining more steam than ever before. Plants industry-wide have adopted them to simplify their maintenance needs—and get the most service life out of their equipment.
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